Why Choose ElastiKote Waterproofing?

Do you have moisture concerns about your basement or other below grade structures? Are you worried about water seepage from your basement walls? ElastiKote® can eliminate concerns about all types of moisture, and create a moisture barrier for basements, decks, water retainment structures, and below grade walls for residential and commercial buildings.

ElastiKote is an environmental friendly 100% rubber polymer waterproofing membrane that is unsurpassed in spray-applied waterproofing. The spray application process ensures seamless joint-free protection avoiding any seepage problems.

ElastiKote is resistant to radon permeation, bacteria, algae, fungus, and chemicals typically found in soil.

ElastiKote waterproofing is ICC compliant as it has passed the AC 29 requirements.

Elastikote Waterproofing

A 100% rubber waterproofing membrane is the core of ElastiKote's protection, which is based on advanced hydrocarbon polymer technology. The ElastiKote membrane is asphalt-free and maintains superior performance properties when exposed to chemicals and gasses found in the soil. It resists the attack of bacteria, algae, and fungus.

Within minutes of spraying, ElastiKote becomes incredibly elastic (over 2,350% elongation)...the membrane develops tenacious adhesion to the wall along with an aggressive tack to receive protection board without penetrating "hold-down" buttons...and ElastiKote cures to become exceedingly tough and durable.

Benefits of ElastiKote®

  • No asphalt products.
  • Not an emulsion.
  • Year round, fast & efficient installation.
  • True waterproofing - NOT damp proofing.
  • Less expensive and safer installation.
  • Exhibits excellent elongation and recovery - handles expansion and contraction as well as minor cracking of the surfaces it protects.
  • Spray applied - creates a seamless and resilient membrane
  • Allows application in cold weather and eliminates shrinkage
  • Exhibits exceptional bonding- won’t delaminate from surface, even with ponded water.
  • Acts as a gas and water barrier.
  • Works equally well on a variety of surfaces, including concrete, block, wood, ICF, and metal.